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Do you have what it takes to be a RDH?

Hi friends!  I’m always amazed that even one person reads this blog.  I never intended on keeping up with it after hygiene school but here I am four years later!  I am honored that so many of you take the time to read and leave comments and contact me directly to ask questions.  One question I get often is “Can you give me some tips & advice on how to become a dental hygienist?”.  So I thought, why not make it into a post for all to read!  What I’m getting from a lot of you is that there isn’t a lot of information out there about HOW to become a hygienist or WHAT we do exactly (the “what” we do will be a post for a different day!).  So here we go, my best advice tied into a neat bow! 😉

First and foremost: I would highly recommended those interested in becoming a hygienist to work as a dental or hygiene assistant first.  This is critical – it allows you to experience the field without committing to a program or degree that you may or may not be interested in.  Being an assistant will allow you to know if you can even handle working in someones mouth! (It’s not for everyone)

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